Six Heroes
Infinite Dimensions

Otherwhere Trading Cards

Series 1 (2021)

Character Art by akinomii_art

Card Design by Lee Seguinte

The Story So far

Otherewhere follows the adventures of a group of 6 teenagers from Rancho Pasillo, California, thrown together by chance, as they explore the Multiverse.

While the story begins in Rancho Pasillo Prime located in World 11111, Our Heroes are drawn from Rancho Pasillos in a range of dimensions, from Kat’s super-villain run home (World 21033), to Phantom’s ecologically-sound paradise (World 16209), to Rain’s world of corporate-sponsored heroics (World 60910). Travelling via an Elegia Nexa Array (ENA) that they “acquired” from Prime’s inventor and SupraSystems CEO Trevor Adler, the group can go home. They just haven’t decided if they want to.

The longer they travel together, the deeper and more complex the connections between them grow. Especially when they’re forced to deal with a variety of threats, some of which may be following them between dimensions.

About The Show

Otherwhere premiered in March, 2020 and (mostly) releases one episode a month, on the 4th Wednesday, plus bonus content in between. We use the Masks: a New Generation, with a few custom moves created by our GM and players. The show runs less on comic book tropes than most Masks Actual Plays, using instead those of an episodic sci-fi TV series.

We’re built around the idea of multiple worlds, all a little different from one another. The same NPCs appear over and over, with similar names and vasty different natures, depending on the dimension. The player characters themselves have come face to face with their duplicates, and have seen how they could have been, if their circumstances had been only slightly changed.

On top of our regular episodes, Otherwhere has released a variety of world-building extras. You don’t need to listen to any of them to understand the show, but they’re there to give a bit of deeper understanding of the places and situations in which Our Heroes have found themselves.

As a multi-verse show, we’re appropriately involved in a variety of cross-overs with other Masks AP shows. For more on that, stay tuned for Season 2, starting in May, 2021.

Anything But A Hero

an interview by

Julia Lit

of 'That's Lit!' by Julia Lit

Panel: a set with 2 chairs. The Backdrop has the words That's LIT!. On the right side, a woman sits, adjusting her lapel mic.

Panel: A young man wearing a green button up shirt and a brown coat is walking onto the stage. His brown hair is slicked down severely. Blue can be seen near his roots.

The woman's face brightens. She faces the camera. “Welcome back, everyone. Sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties. I'm Juila Lit, host of That's LIT! with Julia Lit. And we're here today with our special guest, Mr. Quintessential Hero.” She turns to the young man. “First things first, Mr. Hero--Can I call you Mr. Hero? Is that your real name?”

The young man sighs. “Yes, that's the name written on my birth certificate. I've checked. Call me Quint. Please”

“Quint. I can do that.” she nods. "That's quite the name.”

"I agree. Unfortunately, no lawyer in the city was willing to take up my suit for ‘undue hardship due to unconventional naming conventions.’”

"With parents like yours, did you actually expect anyone to?” She turns to the camera and cocks her head to the side before returning to Quint. “For the benefit of our audience streaming at home, could you tell us a bit about yourself?”

“As if anyone in your audience doesn’t already know who I am?”

“Please, Quint. Humor me?”

The young man takes a deep breath before continuing. “Fine. My parents are Psyker and Hope. Heroes who have consistently been in the top 10 in whatever popularity polls you have faith in.”

“And that’s Psyker, the Psychic Blademaster and Hope, the Idol hero, correct?”.

“Who else do you know who would have names like that?”

“Fair. And you are powered as well, correct?”

“Yep. I know not everyone’s powers can be inherited, but I guess I hit the jackpot, right? I have been throwing psychic darts at Whiskers since I was four.”

“Whiskers? Your dad’s former side-kick?”

“That’s him. Used to baby-sit me. Loved telling stories. When he wasn’t singing. And don’t worry, I hardly ever hit him. He has reflexes like a… well… cat. In or out of his anthropomorphic form.”

“And is that what you do for fun? Throw psychic weapons at cats?”

“Hey, I’m not just throwing things at cats! Technically, Whiskers is a ‘feline therianthropic’. Besides, If you look up my file, you’d see that I like to ‘Cause trouble and harass authority figures’. At least according to my guidance counselor.

“Is that true?”

“I mean… it’s not not true. Who hasn’t taken a can of spray paint to the side of AEGIS headquarters”

“Probably most people”

“Really? You’d think with all the tags already there, half the city has practiced their anatomy artwork on that wall.”

Julia had a polite smile on her face as she continued. “Besides technical anatomy drawings, what else do you do for fun?”

Quint started counting things off on his fingers. “Weed. Drinking. Netflix. I tried to get into Fortnight, but those 12 year-olds just obliterate me. I swear they’re playing a totally different game.” He suddenly stopped short. “Oh, should I have said the weed thing? And the drinking?”

“It’s fine, Quint.” Julia shuffled through your notes. “So, it says here you haven’t officially joined the ranks of the city’s heroes, despite the growing expectation to.”

“I’m not a hero.”

“But the boy and the Slime Lord…”

“I’m not a hero.”

“And then there was Armordillo and the paint-ball team…”

“I am not a hero.”

“But what about…”

“Look. I just want to be a kid. I didn’t sign up for any of this. I dye my hair brown and use about a gallon of product on it, because otherwise the blue spikes makes me look like some anime protagonist. I dress boring, I act up. I AM NOT A HERO.”

“You’re saying that, but…”

“They were in trouble, and I was just there. I didn’t go out looking for it. But I’m not going to just sit there and watch a kid get dissolved by a discount Gelatinous cube.”

“Isn’t that what a hero would say?”

Quint gets up, visibly angry. “This interview is over.” He grabs his lapel mic and tosses it into the air, following it with a pink-and-blue glowing sword that slices it cleanly in 2. The audio people wince as the feedback reaches their ears, and Quint is already gone.

Julia turns back to the camera. “And there we have it. As much as he denies it, he really is the quintessential hero. I’m Julia Lit, host of That’s LIT! With Julia Lit. Good night, fam.”

Custom Moves

Nowhere Good

When you drift into a new dimension, roll + Interdimensional Awareness.

On a miss, this world is new to you.
On a 7 - 9, you have either been here, or heard about it from another drifter. You have knowledge, but it is incomplete or flawed.
On a 10+, you spent long enough here to be fairly familiar with it. Your knowledge can be relied upon.

Your experience with the dimension can be used 3 ways:
You have prior knowledge of or a relationship with an NPC.You can present a fact about the world that has not yet been explained.You can ask the GM questions about situations unique to this dimension.

Imposter Syndrome

When you try to pass yourself off as your Otherself during a tense moment around people who would know them well, ask the following questions.

Is this a conversation/situation that you had planned on and have had a change to prepare for?Are you doing something that would be in character for your Otherself OR Do you have insider information relevant to the situation at hand?Are you dressed/made up appropriately for your other self?
Roll +Superior. For every no answer, subtract one.

On a hit, they are fooled, at least for a moment.
On a 7-9, mark a condition or you will have complicated the situation. The GM will tell you how you raise suspicion, gain a tag-along, or get saddled with a new responsibility.

On a miss, You are either found out or you’re hopelessly embroiled in it and under pressure; mark a condition.



Voiced by M.

Shadow powered hero and leader of the alternative super organization STRIKE.

World 47783
Once leader of STRIKE, when it was purged by AEGIS under the direction of Vanguard, Anti and his few remaining allies fled underground. Now he strikes with his shadows from the shadows, as the leader of the Opposition, or OP.

World 77658
Co-leader of this chapter of the ISBNs. With the power of living shadows, Overdue is charged with hunting down and reclaiming materials that have not been returned in a prompt manner. No one knows who he is in his mundane life, or even if he has one.

(aka Jack Wynn)

World 77658
Lead Archivist of Rancho Pasillo branch. Another one of the adult ISBNs. Contingency has the ability to see the future. But only the worst possible outcomes. He can see all the ways a thing might go wrong, and as such, is able to help prepare for them not to. He works closely with Dr. Nuclear, and has gotten Vibe out of many tight spots.


Voiced by Lee

Teenage super and daughter of Corona and Eclipse, the premier heroes of Halcyon City. Crash is a relatively new transplant to Rancho Pasillo

World 47783
A technopathic agent of the OP, who seems more concerned with tech than human life.

World 60910
A psychic technopath, recently moved to Rancho Pasillo from Halcyon City. The daughter of two of Halcyon's biggest heroes, Corona and Eclipse. Crash has little to no combat abilities, but has control over electronics and their components.

Doctor Arcadia:

An urban legend that has spread through the power community. Some heroes have told stories of an old man covered in cybernetics that wanders the world. Meeting places and times are rarely consistent, he appears to be able to teleport at will anywhere in the world. Stories gathered from various heroes say that he was once a great scientist on the verge of creating utopia until his body, work, and life were destroyed. Now he wanders between dimensions trying to put his life back together. No solid info on this man could be found and he remains an odd rumor among the heroes.

Doctor Nuclear:

Though his body is aging, Doctor Nuclear’s mind is as sharp as ever. One of the few remaining Golden Age hero, the Doctor doesn’t do many heroics anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t contribute to Rancho Pasillo’s super community, especially the up an coming youngsters. He is active with Sidekicks, and always has at least 2 or 3 young heroes he’s mentoring, teaching them to value brains, as well as brawn.

World 77658
Chief archivist, leader of the Internal Special Bookkeepers Network (The ISBNs, pronounced IS-bins) and, in his mundane identity of Dr. Charles Masterson, the longest serving librarian of the Rancho Pasillo branch. Though he’s lost a little of his physical strength, every bit of his impressive mental agility is intact. With encyclopedic knowledge, and an eidetic memory, he can tell you where any book in the Rancho Pasillo collection is without breaking a sweat. (Vibe knows both his mundane and super identities)

Ethereal Spectre:

Once part of the Lost Angels, a celestial superhero group from LA, Spectre relocated to Rancho Pasillo for a more quiet life. Once a sparkling star among her teammates, she now lives a quiet, almost reclusive life.


Voiced by Charlie

The Idol hero. In his younger years, Hope was part of the boy-hero band iKoniK, where he openly used his projective empathy powers to heighten the concert experience. He has since branched off into his own solo career. In his heroic career, Hope specializes in disaster management and hero support, where he uses his projective empathy to keep panic to a minimum, and bolster his allies. He is an above average martial combatant, but is no match for the city's more powerful villains. Despite this, he remains a popular hero.

World 60910
A famous, if slightly older, idol/singer/hero. Hope is childless.


A hero from the dawn of the Silver Age. She had the power to bring her anything she could imagine into the real world. Imaginarium has had long career and will soon be retiring. She fought the deadly Baron Blood, matched wits with Scanline and R.A.M, mentored heroes, redeemed villains, and more. A statue of her stands outside city hall. Imaginarium currently lives a quiet life out on her estate. She occasionally comes into town for photo shoots, promotional events, or to appear on Cassidy Valentine’s radio show.

World 60910
Leader of one of the original super groups, the Dreamers. Also the subject of a huge amount of slash fic, with his teammate Thaumaturge.


He's an immigrant from Guatemala and a boxer who's power is building up kinetic energy he releases with punches. He has an adopted daughter who changed his life. He used to just use his powers to cheat at boxing until he stepped in with them to save someone's life.

Lady Glimmer:

Voiced by Lee

A founding member of the Paragons team over in British Columbia, Canada, and a respected hero before that. Lady Glimmer is one of Canada’s most popular heroes and has a sizable following outside of it. She’s lived in Rancho Pasillo for a number of years and appears here occasionally even after moving back to BC. Lady Glimmer has the power to manipulate light and teleport. Lately she has been seen in Rancho Pasillo more frequently training a young hero by the name of Hector. Rumor has it, and this newspaper regards this as slander of the highest order, that Lady Glimmer was in a relationship with the mercenary Transition for a few years.

World 60910
Known as Coruscate, he is the last remaining founding member of Aquamarine Orchestra, Marching Heroes, the super team to which Majorette belonged prior to her change of careers.

AKA Betty Xanatos-Brown

Voiced by Allison

Majorette is a hero who belongs in the Golden Age. As bright and cheerful as her red white and blue costume, Majorette is a hero because she believes when one has been given a great deal, one should offer the same in return.

World 77658
Head librarian of the Rancho Pasillo branch.


Leader of the Round Table
Teen super, mecha pilot. Leads a team of mech-suited, Arthurian-themed heroes.

Mr. Whiskers

Hope’s old sidekick. Cat were. Leaving the supers game several years ago, after a series of incompatible partnerships with other heroes, Mr. Whiskers is now the principal of Sebastian Octavius Xanatos High School.

Mx. Impossible

Voiced by Allison

An adult hero and mentor in the Sidekicks program. They have supernaturally acute hearing, among other powers.

Phantom Hex

Voiced by Lee

A leather-clad psychic and agent of AEGIS. She's reputedly gained quite a following for both her acrobatic fighting and her sex appeal.

World 47783
A well-known and powerful AEGIS agent, who is rumored to be able to re-write memories. It's whispered she might be working with Anti and the OP.


Voiced by Allison

Psyker’s oldest memory is that of her standing in a snow covered forest, wearing a blood soaked hospital gown. Due to her ability to project and manipulate psychic weapons into the world and the obviously extensive training she must have had in combat, it has been assumed that she escaped from some sort of super soldier program.

Had she not been found and adopted as an adult by a hero, her destructive nature may have lead her down a path of villainy. Instead, she learned to channel it heroics, albeit still relatively destructive heroics.

Psyker is able to produce weapons with her mind, that she can than manipulate telekinetically, or she can grab hold of them an wield them with greater precision manually. While she prefers blade, they can take any form she wishes. They can have physical effects—swords that cut, hammers that bash— or her weapons can have psychic effects that leave no physical evidence.

Hope and Psyker met during a team-up, and while it appeared that the pop-idol annoyed and irritated Psyker, they eventually fell in love and married with great fanfare.

World 60910
A black ops agent of the government, who carries out extra-legal heroics behind the scenes and out of view of the cameras. Psyker is unmarried and childless.


Voiced by Charlie

A teen hero and member of the sidekick's program. Not great at remembering what he should and shouldn't say. His mentor is Mx. Impossible.

World 77658
A junior librarian-in-training.


AEGIS outreach/recruitment hero


Across the Multiverse
Phantom is unsure if Spectre really exists. After being isolated on a dead dimension for months, Phantom “met” Spectre, a ghostly man with white hair and eyes and a cloak like her own. Spectre told Phantom that one day they’d stop existing to others if they kept going. He then disappeared and sometimes when Phantom is tired or alone in a dark place, they see him. Phantom is not sure if he is real or something their mind conjured.

Star Dancer:

Voiced by M

Across the Multiverse
A rising star in the powered community and currently the hottest thing in the gossip mags. Star Dancer has power and an ego to match. He first made the headlines when he fought Word Smith and his deadly Crossword Army. Loud, Flashy, and Bombastic, when Star Dancer is in town you know it. He’s appeared in local papers saving poor trees from the backs of rampaging kittens, all the way up to front page articles featuring him throwing down with the whos who of supervillainy. Rumor has it that he’s talked about something called ‘The Multiverse’ and that he is apparently its defender. Star Dancer has not commented on that. In more recent news, Star Dancer has declared himself the nemesis of the mercenary Transition.

Sterling Starling

A flying, sonic powered hero, largely known for his eccentric style. Unlike most heroes who have an iconic look, Starling changes his costume for almost every appearance. The only two elements that remain the same are the cape-like “wings” attached to his sleeves, and the filigree silver bird’s head half-mask he wears.


Voiced by Erik

Edward Harraway, Juni’s grandfather

A powerful hero who sacrificed himself in a fight against a supervillain years ago. Juni never got to speak to him about their powers before he passed. She figured out her grandfather was Thaumaturge after he died. Juni wonders if her life would be different if she had gotten to speak to talk to him about their powers.

World 47783
A senior AEGIS officer and magic user, who is entrusted with the training of many young heroes, including his granddaughter. There have lately been rumors he might not be as loyal to Vanguard and the rest of AEGIS command as previously thought.

World 60910
Now-retired member of the Dreamers, one of the world's first televised super groups. He has since passed the mantle to his granddaughter, Mystical. He's also a popular subject of slash fiction, alongside his former partner Imaginarium.


According to Trident’s official biography, all he remembers of his past life are bright red bathing suits, and how to swim. With the ability to breath under water, as well as deep sea echolocation, and super strength, Trident came ashore one day carrying a half-drowned beach goer. Now, he spends his time split between AEGIS and the Coast Guard, keeping Rancho Pasillo’s beaches safe from both villains, and ocean accidents.


Voiced by Thom

Strong, steadfast, and shiny, if slightly out of touch with modern teenagers, Vanguard is the public face of the AEGIS hero. Lately, though, his appearances have been further and further apart, and people have begun to worry that Rancho Pasillo’s defender has priorities higher than the city. Though he us less active now than he used to be, Vanguard is a founding member of Sidekicks, the mentor program for junior heroes.

World 47783
As the unquestioned leader of AEGIS, and the single most powerful hero in the world, Vanguard has a single mission-- to make the world safe. He has honed and refined the mission of his organization into the perfect weapon against any evildoers who might threaten civilians. Some say that he has gone too far in his quest for security, and has become a tyrant, ruling Rancho Pasillo with an iron hand. But no one says it very loudly, for fear of disappearing into the belly of one of the reeducation facilities.

World 60910
Director of AEGIS and agent to the stars, Vanguard manages all the heroes of Rancho Pasillo, as well as acting as the face of the Heroic Youth Program. He is a powerful hero in his own right, but has been out of active heroics for years, focusing his intention instead on coordinating rivalries with his counterpart, Isak Emerald. (It is also rumored the two of them were, at one time, invovled.)



Voiced by Lee

Across the multiverse
No one knows if HIVE started as one person or many. As they are now, they are able to create an unknown number of duplicate selves, that can work independently or in concert. Created originally to be the presidential guard of a small, obscure nation, they are a highly effective combat unit, as well as an excellent tactician. After realizing that they were worth more as a mercenary than a bodyguard, they switched professions. Their former principal was their first target.

Isak Emerald

Voiced by Allison

An open supervillain who fancies himself more of a dashing rogue than an actual master villain. To him it's all about crafting a reputation that makes the heroes hate you, and the civvies wanna BE you. It's all about the showmanship, the craft. He'd never actually want to murder someone, to kill a hero, or to cause a massive crisis... But some high profile crimes, pranks, or anything like that? That's where the real show and the real power lies.

World 47783:
Proprietor of a rare book shop, Emerald still has his finger on the pulse of the city's underbelly, and can always make time to help a friend make things a little more...interesting...for AEGIS

World 60910
Agent to villains, and manager of all evil supers in Rancho Pasillo. Emerald is responsible for the planning, scheduling, and nemesis roster for the public villains of the city. He generally works in close concert with Vanguard, agent to heroes, and it is rumored that at one time, they were much closer than colleagues.


Phantom is unsure if Spectre really exists. After being isolated on a dead dimension for months, Phantom “met” Spectre, a ghostly man with white hair and eyes and a cloak like her own. Spectre told Phantom that one day they’d stop existing to others if they kept going. He then disappeared and sometimes when Phantom is tired or alone in a dark place, they see him. Phantom is not sure if he is real or something their mind conjured.


Voiced by Lee

Through the Multiverse
Rarely THE Supervillain in a scheme but THE muscle you hire when you want something down right. Transition is an infamous mercenary known throughout the powered community. If you have the cash and want the job done right, you hire Transition. They’ve worked for villains, heroes, and everything and everyone in between. Armed with an array of weapons and gadgets, backed up by an impressive martial prowess. Transition has gone toe to toe with some of the most prominent heroes and villain

The Voiceless:

Voiced by Lee

Through the Multiverse
A cloaked and hooded figure who is part of an order dedicated to policing the multiverse and removing fixed dimensional points as abberations.


Cassidy Valentine, the Voice of Rancho Pasillo:

Voiced by Lee

Delivering the news to Rancho Pasillo around the clock. Cassidy has been the omnipresent voice in the ears of drivers and ever present to the eyes on the small screen. Cassidy hosts the morning and afternoon news, a local radio station, and puts out the podcast Hero Talk. Cassidy works tirelessly to ensure the success of the local TV and radio stations. Some residents of the city speculate that she has a secret superpower that let’s her avoid having to sleep.

World 60910
A hard-hitting investigative reporter for WNUS Rancho Pasillo Radio News.

Jack Winn:
(AKA Contingency in some dimensions see heroes

Founder and CEO of Forearmed, the city’s only insurance company offering comprehensive superhero/villain policies. Not only do they insure the heroes themselves, but they provide reasonably priced plans that protect civilians against super-induced damage to person or property. Winn himself is an unremarkable man, who lives a quiet life with his wife and corgi.

Jennifer James:

Voiced by Lee

World 60910
The manager of the Eternal Defenders, and self-appointed team dad. Jennifer is brusque and no-nonsense, hiding how much she cares for the team behind a businesslike exterior.

Julia Lit:

Voiced by Lee

Super hero fandom YouTube star, and host of That's LIT! with Julia Lit.

While Julia is not a fixed point, every one of her otherselves seems to be remarkably similar.

World 60910
A familiar voice on the airwaves of the city, Julia Lit hosts several popular shows including the Caper Countdown, That's Lit with Julia Lit, and Why Should We Care? an interview program asking heroes why they think they are important to the city.

Justin Simons

Widely regarded as the best mayor ever to take office in Rancho Pasillo. He saw the city through the Abaddon Crisis in his first term and Lightbringer’s attempted purge in his second. After managing to bring the city through two near apocalyptic events, Quinten has retired into the background of city politics. He acts as a consultant to whatever branch of the local government needs him. Some days he manages superheroes, other days parks. Most of the city still hopes to see him run for mayor again.

Lieutenant Matteo Ochoa:

Voiced by Erik

AEGIS outreach/recruitment agent. Partnered with Shadowstar

Oliver "Ollie" Adler:

The son of an inventor Trevor Adler, Oliver grew up being the test subject for most of his dad's inventions. While some were helpful or benign, there were several that were dangerous. But his father never worried about putting him in danger if it brought about progress. One day his father placed a device onto him and with a flip, Ollie was no longer in his own world. He had been transported. He was confused and surprised but also... relieved. He was finally free from his father.

Ollie learned how to use the device, his father's son through and through in inventing, and traveled, never settling down. When he ended up in Phantom's dimension, his device had a small malfunction. So he lingered. He had landed in Phantom's room. Through this the two began to talk and over the time it took him to fix his device, Ollie and Phantom had developed a friendship. Seeing parts of himself in Phantom - the loneliness and isolation caused by their parents - he offered to take them with him. Give them the same opportunity for freedom he had.

While they did not always travel together, they were each other's longest companion and most reoccurring, always refinding each other until Ollie's death

Trevor Adler:

Voiced by Lee

CEO of Suprasystems, and inventor of dubious tech that he has no fear of using. Created the dimensional drift tech. His son, Oliver Adler, was Phantom's long-time traveling companion.

World 60910
Chief Imagination Technician of SupraSystems, the largest company in Rancho Pasillo. Making various types of electronics, SupraSystem is ubiquitous and almost invisible. Adler is also the inventor of the Adler Process for Power Acquisition, a highly-guarded proprietary process for enhancing a fledgling super's abilities.

To the People of Rancho Pasillo:

I came to this city a traveler, displaced from my home dimension and adrift in the multiverse. You, the people of Rancho Pasillo, welcomed me into your homes and hearts. Made me feel less alone. Gave me something to once again fight for. I, in turn, have given my all to protect you from the dangers that lurk in the darkness between the worlds.

Though inter-dimensional travel has not yet become prominent here, I would be doing a disservice to the city were I not to warn you about the risks that come with drifting.

For dangers lurk in the multiverse. Dangers in the form of evil people. People who travel between dimensions not for pleasure or education, but to hurt, and dominate. I would be remiss in my role should I not help you to prepare to fight those people, when they come. To fail to show you how to stand beside me.

For this reason, I am publicly declaring my role as Protector of the Multiverse.

It is a heavy burden, but one I am proud to bear. I will stand between you and the terrors that haunt the dimensions, the evils that fly on black wings from one universe to another. And I will, in turn, train all those who wish to fight beside me.

Together in courage,